Meet the Prophets

Moonshine Prophets - A Classic Rock and Roll Band in the Twin Cities Area of Minnesota

The Moonshine Prophets are a classic rock cover band in the Twin Cities Metro Area dedicated to rock music spanning the 1960's to the 2000's. Our Influences range from the Rolling Stones to Green Day to Black Keys.

We have been rocking the Twin Cities for 3 years and have a strong following of supporters. You supply the venue, and the Moonshine Prophets will supply the party.

We are currently playing gigs across the cities and state.

To Book a date call, or email, or hit us up on Facebook.

The band is comprised of:

James Blackstad on Vocals

James is a veteran on the local music scene and toured Europe as an up and coming vocal star with all-star cast of local vocalists when he was younger. James has been singing for most of his life.

Chris Wallace on Guitar

Chris got the urge to pick up the guitar at the age of 12 when he stumbled upon a Led Zeppelin album. Cashing in his his lawn mowing profits, he bought his first guitar and has been chording and riffing ever since. In addition to playing with the Moonshine Prophets, Chris also writes and records his own music.

Scott Dorn on Keys

Scott has been playing the keys since he was a young boy. Scott is a former member of the White Sidewalls and has played with members of the Rembrandts, Groove Merchants and other regional bands.

Dan Ball on Bass

Dan cut his teeth learning bass during the heyday of Twin Cities rock. Driving that beat and keeping the dance floor hoppin'. Dan has played with bands like Rockdog, The Residudes, and the original band Nuthin' but Trouble, with whome recorded some albums. He also has done session work for a few artists over the years, has had some radio play, and has written and recorded his own music.

Tim Weatherhead on Drums

Like the steady beat of a heart, Tim keeps the band on pace and is the heart and soul of our drive. He'll keep you rockin.